Commonwealth Law Revision Commission

Superior Court 2020

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FISCG Inc. v. Blanco CV18-0406 order Denying Defendant's Cross-Claim 2020-12-11 Naraja
Commonwealth v. Cepeda CR20-0083 Order Denying Defendant's Motion in Limine 2020-12-11 Naraja
Rios v. Commonwealth CV20-0081 Order Denying Writ of Habeas Corpus 2020-12-04 Govendo
In re the Estate of Boyer CV14-0215 Order finding that the Handwritten Will is Invalid Pursuant to 8 CMC §§ 2303, 2304 and 2307 because (1) the signatures of the Testator and Witnesses are Unverified; (2) the will fails as a Holographic will because the material provisions of the will are not in the Testator's Handwriting; and (3) as a will executed outside of the Commonwealth, the will fails to comply with CNMI Laws or the Laws of the Foreign Jurisdiction 2020-11-23 Camacho
Commonwealth v. Fitial CR20-0119 Order Granting Motion to Sever 2020-10-29 Naraja
Commonwealth v. Rudolph CR20-0132 Order Finding that because a Defendant has the Right under 6 CMC § 6303(c) to Cross-Examine Adverse Witnesses at a Preliminary Examination Hearing to Weed Out Groundless Claims, the Defendant is Entitled to the Tangible Materials, if any, in Possession of the Commonwealth that Relates to the Commonwealth's Determination of Probable Cause so that Defendant can Fully and Properly Cross Examine the Government's Witness 2020-09-28 Camacho
Commonwealth v. Smith TR18-3006 Order Denying the Commonwealth's Motion to reconsider because:(1) there was no Economic loss by the victim because he did not pay the DFEMS and CHCC Bills; and (2) The Estate of Agulto Cannot Recover Restitution as it is not a "Direct Victim" of Defendant's Crimes pursuant to 6 CMC §§ 9101, 4109(b) 2020-09-18 Camacho
Commonwealth v. Basa CR20-0126 Order Finding That Because A Defendant Has The Right Under 6 CMC § 6303(c) To Cross-Examine Adverse Witnesses At A Preliminary Examination Hearing To Weed Out Groundless Claims, The Defendant Is Entitled To The Tangible Materials, If Any, Used By Law Enforcement To Establish Probable Cause So That Defendant Can Fully And Properly Cross- Examine The Government's Witness 2020-09-16 Camacho
Appleby v. Villagomez CV20-0168 Order Dismissing Case For Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction 2020-08-17 Naraja
In re Estate of Arriola CV17-0194 Order Finding That Joseph Cabrera Guerrero Does Not Have a Claim and is Therefore Not a Creditor and Cannot Participate in This Probate Action 2020-07-13 Camacho
NMHC v. Techur CV06-0505 Order Denying Plaintiff's Ex Parte Motion for Appointment of Person to Sell Mortgaged Property Pending Presentment of an Accountant of the Debt and Setting Status Conference 2020-06-17 Bogdan
Marquez v. Sablan CV16-0112 Order Denying Plaintiff's and Defendants' Motion for partial Summary Judgment 2020-06-16 Lamorena III
Reyes v. Villagomez CV20-0143 Order Denying Writ of Habeas Corpus 2020-06-08 Kim-Tenorio
Lizama v. Star Marianas Air, Inc. CV17-0056 Order Dismissing the First Amended Complaint Pursuant to NMI R. CIV. p 12(e) for Failure To Specify which of the Thirty-Four Subsections of the Consumer Protection Act was Allegedly Violated 2020-06-04 Camacho
Yuqin Gui v. IPI CV19-0041 Order Denying Defendant's Motion for Reconsideration 2020-06-02 Bogdan
Pangelinan v. Pangelinan CV17-0067 Order and Judgment against Defendant John Sablan Pangelinan for abuse of Process and Tortious interference with Contractual Relations 2020-05-21 Camacho
In re Estate of Camacho CV19-0232 Order Finding by Clear and Convincing Evidence that a Baby Conceived out of Wedlock and Born after the Death of the Biological Father can Inherit as an Afterborn Heir Pursuant to 8 CMC § 2917 2020-05-18 Camacho
Foshan v. Star Marianas CV18-0312 Order Dismissing Complaint for (1) Failure to State a Basis for Vicarious Liability and (2) Failure to Allege that Plaintiff Foshan Extinguished Defendant Star Marianas' Liability to a Third-Party 2020-04-29 Camacho
Commonwealth v. Smith TR18-03006 Order finding that (1 Entities, such as DFEMS and CHCC, are not eligible to receive restitution when they are only "Indirect Third-party Victims" of a Crime; (2 the Tort Defense of comparative negligence is not applicable here because the victim's family members did not negligently contribute to their damages; and (3) Voluntary Offertory Gifts to Priests for performing the funeral mass are not economic losses for purposes of restitution under 6 CMC § 4109 2020-03-30 Camacho
American Herbal Essence Group v. I.P.I.(CNMI), LLC CV19-0318 Order Denying Defendant's Motion to Dismiss 2020-03-25 Kim-Tenorio
In re F.R.R. JU19-0009 Order Determining That Even Though Defendant Has Already Been Arraigned, Defendant Is Entitled To A Preliminary Examination Hearing Pursuant to 6 CMC § 6303 And NMI R. CRIM. P. 5.1 2020-02-06 Camacho
Commonwealth v. Inos TR18-0148 Judgment 2020-01-14 Naraja
Commonwealth v. Osilek Jr. CR18-0012 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Holding that Defendant is Competent to Stand Trial 2020-01-08 Govendo
Commonwealth v. Kwon TR17-5312 Order Denying Dixon Kwon's Motion to Dismiss 2020-01-08 Govendo
Commonwealth v. Pehnos, Jr. CR19-0123 Order Denying the Commonwealth's Motion to Vacate Preliminary Hearing 2020-01-06 Kim-Tenorio
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