Commonwealth Law Revision Commission

Court Rules

Rule Name: Citation: Effective Date: Download
Admission NMI SUP. CT. R 2013-12-19
Attorney Discipline & Procedure NMI R. ATT'Y DISC. & P. 2015-02-14
Civil Procedure NMIR. CIV. P. 2019-01-09
Civil Procedure (Old) COM.R.CIV.P. 2014-12-22
Code of Judicial Conduct NMI CODE JUD. COND. 1989-12-03
Continuing Legal Education NMI R. CLE 2005-03-19
Criminal Procedure COM.R.CR.P. 2017-05-03
Drug Court Policies & Procedures NMI J. DRUG CT. P. & P. 2020-04-16
Electronic Filing and Services NMI R. ELEC. FILING 2020-04-06
Evidence NMI R. EVID. 2015-02-22
Governing Judicial Retention Election Conduct NMI R. JUD. DIS. P. 2002-08-15
Governing Procedure in Traffic Cases COM. R. TRAFF. 1996-07-15
Indigent Representation NMI R. INDIG. REP. 2012-09-22
Interpreter and Translator Code of Conduct NMI INTERP. & TRANS. CODE 2020-03-05
Judicial Branch Personnel Rules NMI JUD. PERS. R 2015-02-15
Judicial Branch Travel Policy 2020-09-17
Judicial Council NMI SUP. CT. R 2010-03-18
Judicial Disciplinary Procedure on Interim Basis NMI R. JUD. DIS. P. 2007-08-27
Judiciary Fee Schedule NMI FEE SCHD. 2017-03-01
Juvenile Delinquency Procedure NMI R. JUV. P. 1996-07-15
Legal Intern Program NMI R. LEGAL INT. PROG. 2005-03-19
Mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution NMI R. ADR 2015-01-19
NMI Child Support Guidelines NMI CHILD SUPP. G. 2020-04-06
NMI Judiciary Procurement Rules NMI JUD. R. PROC. 2020-08-11
NMI Judiciary Sexual Harassment Policy NMI SEXUAL H. POL'Y 2020-05-04
Policy on Public Access to Judicial Branch Admin. Records 2007-09-06
Practice COM. R. PRAC. 2005-01-19
Probate Procedure NMI R. PROB. P. 1996-07-15
Procedure for Administrative Appeals NMI R. ADMIN APPEALS P. 2010-09-07
Rules for Forma Pauperis NMI R. IFP 2018-05-01
Supreme Court Rules NMI SUP. CT. R 2015-09-19
Supreme Court Style Manual 2017-01-01
Tax Rules of Practice & Procedure NMI R. TAX 1999-05-11
Rule Name: Citation: Effective Date: Download

Court Forms

Rule Name: Forms: Download
Admission Affidavit
Admission Authorization and Release
Admission General Application for Admission by Bar Examination
Admission General Application for Government Attorneys
Admission Legal Intern Application
Admission Notification of Special Needs
Admission Request for Character and Fitness Report
Admission Request for Provisional Admission Pending Character & Fitness Report
Civil Procedure Declaration of Service
Civil Procedure Docket
Civil Procedure Motion for an Order in Aid of Judgement
Civil Procedure Motion for an Order to show Cause and Declaration
Civil Procedure Summons & Complaint
Policy on Public Access to Judicial Branch Admin. Records Application for Access
Policy on Public Access to Judicial Branch Admin. Records Travel Expenses
Supreme Court Rules Audio Transcript Order
Supreme Court Rules Docketing Statement
Supreme Court Rules Notice of Appeal
Supreme Court Rules Transcript Designation
Rule Name: Forms: Download